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Anubhai Chimanlal-AMA Nagarikta Puraskar 2017


For Brochure and  Nomination form Please Click here 


Nomination is invited from individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the field. 
The nomination should be accompanied by:


a. A complete bio-data of the nominee. 
b. A detailed resume of the achievements of the nominee's organization  and his/her personal initiative and      
    contribution to the achievements.
c. Confirmation of the proposer that the nominee is aware of the nomination and that he/ she has agreed to 
   accept the award, if selected. 
d. Passport size photo of the nominee. 


Nomination along with the above details should reach AMA latest by Saturday, October 7, 2017


Anubhai Chimanlal-AMA Centre for Management of Civic Affairs instituted an Award for outstanding work in the area of improvement of city life done by an individual / organisation.


a) Individual

b) Organisation – private, NGO or Government

c) Individual / Group of Department of the Municipality

Selection Criteria :

The contribution should be by way of concrete action and not just ideas or concepts. Contribution may be in the area of the city life viz. economic, educational, cultural, health, civic amenities, etc. One of the factors considered would be an innovative approach with a potential for applying the same on a larger scale and involvement of a significant section of the targeted group. The contribution should be sustainable over a longer period of time and preferably have its own momentum.

The merit must be recognized in five areas viz.

a) An innovative concept or an idea

b) Creation of public opinion or involvement

c) Implementation of an action plan

d) Effective use of resources

e) Immediate and long-term impact.

Award Announcement and Presentation:

The Award will consist of a Citation and a Cash award of Rs.25,000/-. Appropriate publicity will be given on the qualifying contributions and the individual / organisation receiving the Award, through mass media.

Ms. Niruben Raval, Founder & Director, Manthan Apang Kanya Seva Sankul (presented by Dr. Guruprasad Mohapatra, IAS, Chairman, Airports Authority of India on March 17, 2017) is the winner of previous year.