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Consolidating the Past

Illuminating the Future

Professional Management for Management Professionals

The Oxford English Dictionary defines management as: “the professional administration of business concerns, public undertakings, etc.” The operative word is professional. The same dictionary defines it as: “having or showing the skill of a professional; competent.” That is the essence of the term management, in a nutshell.

The shifting trend from family-run businesses to professionally-managed professions post-independence prompted Dr. Vikram Sarabhai to initiate a ‘freedom movement’ of a different kind: freedom from traditional management mindsets.

In those days, not only was there a shortage of management skills per se, but even the facilities to impart these skills were none-existent. Therefore AMA had its role clearly chalked out: To conduct research, provide education, and impart training in the field of management.

AMA is also one of the promoters and founder-members of All India Management Association (AIMA), the apex body for the management profession in India. Today, it’s a collaborator of AIMA, and participates in all their activities.

 Founder President


Dr. Vikram A. Sarabhai