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Knowledge Resource Centre


AMA Members are welcome to use these databases in the library premises………

India Business Insight (IBI)

IBI is a compilation of vital information on Indian business and industry from various business magazines and newspapers. India Business Insight saves your time and keeps you constantly in touch with the fast changing business environment.

CMIE Database


Tradedx is a database service comprising detailed data on India's foreign trade and World Trade. It facilitates easy downloads of data in simple text format. Tradedx  ensures that the latest data gets updated quickly in the service. This will enable you to access the most recent data with minimum  time lag after its official release. Tradedx  includes historical data on India's foreign trade and World Trade. This data is ideal for researchers who may like to subject the data to further analysis or in research studies.


SOI is need a source of reliable and comprehensive information on the Indian markets. The service is designed to meet the regular requirements of regional data and news. India consists of 36 states and union territories, or more importantly, it consists of 675 districts. States of India provides comprehensive data and news on these. States of India is the service that you will always require when you are looking for the size and composition of the Indian markets. There are over 150 million  time-series in States of India. All information is available in a clean and easily useable form so that when you need it, you find it without much ado. Scores of news items are posted everyday to keep you abreast of the markets that matter to you. 

National Centre For Trade Information

NCTI provides value added trade information for the benefit of the international trading community, Especially Indian MSME’s in the form of Electronic Trading Opportunities, Live Trade Leads and NCTI's E-bulletin Trade Point India

Trade Portal of India

It provides reliable information on entire spectrum of trade like Product Profiles, Supplier profiles from India, Country profiles of major trade destinations, Global Importer's directory, World economic environment, Overseas Market Situation, Trade Fairs & Exhibitions, Market Surveys (Product wise), Trade and Investment Policy, Trade statistics, Tariff and Taxes etc.

EPW Online

Economic and Political Weekly is useful for socio economic data which is very useful for researchers. Full text archives are available.

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