Activity Centres are sponsored by members

to give focused attention on specific topics and organize

programmes and activities.


Through the support AMA could generate a corpus fund for its activities.


  1. Prarthana–AMA Centre for Career Counseling and Vocational Guidance sponsored by Mr. Mayur Shah of Prarthana Constructions Pvt. Ltd. (February 11, 1992) organises counseling services, Career and Personality Development and Skill Improvement programmes for students and youth.

  2. Navnitlal Bhagubhai–AMA Centre for Continuing Education sponsored by Ms. Devikaben Patel (June 30, 1993) offers a One-Year Programme for Diploma in Management Studies and also runs a well-equipped Management Library.

  3.  Symphony–AMA Centre for Innovation sponsored by Mr. Achal Bakeri, Past President, AMA (December 28, 1993) organises Conferences on Innovations, disseminates information on innovations taking place around the country and the world.

  4. Pepsi–AMA Centre for International Business sponsored by Gujarat Bottling Company (April 16, 1994) conducts a Diploma Programme in International Business Management.

  5. Anubhai Chimanlal–AMA Centre for Civic Affairs sponsored by Mr. Prafull Anubhai, Past President, AMA (January 28, 1995) undertakes promotion of Civic Education and Awareness and training of Civic Officials, Studies relating to Civic Management and Action-Research Programmes to improve Civic Amenities.

  6. ATE–AMA Center for Quality Management sponsored by ATE Group of Companies (August 29, 1995) offers a Programme for Diploma in Quality Management and encourages Quality Consciousness and Improvement through training programmes, conferences and publications.

  7. Mamata–AMA Centre for Indian Wisdom for Management sponsored by Mr. Mahendra Patel, Past President, AMA (February 19, 1996) organises Lectures, Conferences and Workshops and also brings out publications on the Relevance of Ancient Indian Wisdom for Modern Management.

  8. Zydus Cadila–AMA Centre for Marketing Management sponsored by Mr. Pankaj Patel, Zydus Cadila Group (April 10, 1996) offers a Programme for Diploma in Marketing Management, holds Lectures, Seminars and Workshops and publishes Papers on latest trends and techniques in Marketing.

  9. DGP Windsor–AMA Centre for Excellence in Manufacturing sponsored by Mr. Dilip Piramal, DGP Windsor (April 30, 1996) offers a Programme for Diploma in Manufacturing Management and focuses on developing appreciation and proficiency for attaining excellence in manufacturing.

  10. V.S. Pandya Sahitya Mudranalaya–AMA Centre for Communication sponsored by Mr. Shreyas Pandya, Sahitya Mudranalaya (November 29, 1996) organises Diploma Programme on Corporate Communication and Advertising; training programmes for developing Communication Skills.

  11. SEWA–AMA Centre for CBOs sponsored by Self Employed Women’s Association (July 13, 1998) aims to help professional management of CBOs and strengthen their socio-economic empowerment activities. The centre offers several educational and training programmes for NGOs and CBOs.

  12. Madanmohan Ramanlal–AMA Centre for Human Resource Development sponsored by D.C. Engineering Industries (August 19, 1998) provide training opportunities to create an environment where managers can upgrade their skills in areas of their interest, and contribute better services to their organisation as well as society. Organises a Diploma Programme in HRM.

  13. Sagar Drugs–AMA Computer Centre sponsored by Mr. Rohit Patel, Sagar Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (September 16, 1998) organizes Computer Literary Programme. A Mass Computer Education programme was designed. This is a 10 days 20 hours programme.

  14. Wagh Bakri–AMA Centre for Governance sponsored by Mr. P.O. Desai, Wagh Bakri Group (March 10, 1999) focuses on disseminating unbiased opinion on issues relating to public policy, community welfare. Study of corporate values and ethics is also a part of the Centre’s activity.

  15. Saraswati Natwarlal Bhagwati–AMA Centre for Leadership sponsored by Dr. P.N. Bhagwati, Bhagwati Spherocast (March 27, 1999) offers several programmes on Leadership. A special programme for Students called “Leaders of Tomorrow” was launched.

  16. Mamata-AMA Centre for Management @ Gandhinagar sponsored by Mr. N.K. Patel (April 29, 1999) is focussing on organising Personality Development and Youth Empowerment Programme for the students based in Gandhinagar and nearby places. The Centre would also act as an Extension Centre of AMA at Gandhinagar in collaboration with S.K. Patel Institute of Management.

  17. Rooshikumar Pandya–AMA Trainer’s Academy sponsored by one of the distinguished Trainer Professor Rooshikumar Pandya (October 28, 1999) offers workshops and Training for Trainers. The centre is engaged in developing a cadre for professional trainers.

  18. Rajiv Vastupal–AMA Achiever’s Academy sponsored by Mr. Rajiv Vastupal, President, AMA (November 22, 2000) offers several programmes and activities to encourage and recognize Achievers. The Centre is also offering a Diploma programme in Sales.

  19. Bank of Baroda–AMA Centre for Banking sponsored by Bank of Baroda (December 11, 2000) offers Diploma in Banking; Organises workshops/training programmes.

  20. B.H. Jajoo-AMA Centre for Entrepreneurship in IT sponsored by Professor B.H. Jajoo, IIM, Ahmedabad (March 31, 2001) offers course on IT Entrepreneurship; Seminars and Conferences on Emerging Trends in Technology and IT related management aspects

  21. Krishna Heart Institute–AMA Centre for Excellence in Healthcare Management sponsored by Mr. Atul Choksi, Krishna Heart Institute (December 20, 2001) organises Management Development Programmes for Medical professionals, Para Medical Staff, Diagnostic Labs and Centres, Health and Fitness Awareness Programmes and One-year PG Diploma in Healthcare Management

  22. DMI–AMA Centre for Disaster Risk Management sponsored by Mr. Mihir Bhatt, Disaster Mitigation Institute (February 22, 2002) conducts National Level training programmes on Disaster Management. Organises thematic workshops, Sponsor Annual Forum and Awards. Publish awareness/educational material, Promoting Exhibition / Displays, Render advisory and counseling services to various sectors

  23. Chinubhai R. Shah–AMA Academy of Foreign Languages sponsored by Mr. Chinubhai R. Shah, Past President, AMA (February 21, 2002) involved in promoting Foreign Language Education Programmes; Certificate Programmes were offered on English, German, French and Chinese Language

  24. Ramanbhai Patel–AMA Centre for Excellence in Education sponsored by Mr. Pankaj Patel, Zydus Cadila Group (May 17, 2002) offers Continuing Education for Teacher’s in the area of teaching skills; personality development; update on subject knowledge, etc. The centre also provides a forum for Schools to meet and exchange experiences for improving quality of education and other developmental activities. Institute an Award to recognize excellence in Teaching; Management of Schools etc. The Centre also organized an Annual Memorial Lecture.

  25. GoG-AMA Centre for International Trade sponsored by Industries Commissionerate, Government of Gujarat (February 11, 2004) focuses on the following activities: development of trade support services, trade information, human resource development, needs assessment and program design for trade promotion, International taxation and legal aspects, creating awareness and understanding the impact and implications of WTO, build a library of trade related books, and research papers.

  26. Dr. Lalita Iyer–AMA Centre for the Development of Women sponsored by Mr. P.V.R.N. Iyer, Past President, AMA (March 29, 2004). The centre offers developmental training and educational programs, women empowerment lectures, counseling centre, publications.

  27. TCGL-AMA Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Management sponsored by Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd. (March 29, 2006) conductes PG Diploma programme in Tourism and Hospitality Management; organises workshops, Seminars and training programmes on tourism, Travel, Hotel and related services. Conduct research and studies.

  28. Mukesh M. Patel–AMAAcademy of Public Speaking & Personality Development sponsored by Mr. Mukesh M. Patel, Past President, AMA (July 24, 2007) organises a variety of training programmes and activities on Public Speaking and Personality Development, not only in Ahmedabad, but all over Gujarat.

  29. Y. J. Trivedi-AMA Academy for Intellectual Property Rights sponsored by Mr. Y.J. Trivedi, Advocate (April 26, 2007) aimed to promote an IP culture amongst industry and Business, (b) to organize IP related training programmes, Seminars and lectures (c) to organize an annual lecture by a distinguished personality on the world IP day (d) to publish leaflets/ books etc. on IPR and related subjects.

  30. Jehangir Cama–AMA Centre for Agriculture and Farm Management sponsored by Mr. Rustom Cama, Cama Group (March 31, 2007) aimed at contributing towards sustainable livelihood development of the farmers and agri-labourers through their capacity building, imparting trainings and organizing theme-specific events. Organise workshops, seminars and other educational programmes for Agri-Business Managers and Entrepreneurs

  31. Nipam Shah-AMA Center for Excellence in Financial Management sponsored by Mr. Nipam Shah (July 30, 2007) offers lectures on personal and corporate financial management; Seminars and Workshops; Demystifying Financial Myths; Designing some short term / practical courses; Inspiring small and interesting publications; Financial games and competitions.

  32. Gujarat NRE-AMA Centre for National Integrity sponsored by Mr. Arun Kumar Jagatramka, Chairman and Managing Director, Gujarat NRE Coke Ltd. The centre proposes to promote national unity and exchange of ideas by Citizens, Management Practitioners and other stakeholders. The Centre would start several activities and programmes which would promote national values, ethics and good governance (11th August 2009).

  33. Navdeep-AMA Centre for Entrepreneurship Development was promoted by the family charity of Mr. Janak D. Parikh, President, AMA with a view to promote entrepreneurship training and education for young men and women of Gujarat. The centre will be conducting educational programmes, conferences and seminars to promote entrepreneurship in Gujarat (31st August 2009).

  34. J.B. Shah-AMA Centre for Shipping and Logistics, (6th August 2009) promoted by Mr. Samir J. Shah, Member, Governing Council, AMA through his family Trust proposes to start courses in the area of Shipping and Logistics; provide a forum for Shipping and Logistics professionals and disseminate information on developments taking place in this area; organize an annual memorial lecture to commemorate the memory of late Mr. J.B. Shah, a pioneer in Shipping and Logistics.

  35. SPEC-AMA Faculty Chair (28th December 2004 ) Through this Faculty Chair contribution. AMA has been organizing Youth Empowerment programmes in colleges and also set-up a counselling centre at AMA.

  36. AMA Past President School of Grooming, (November 2009) Sponsored by Mr. P.V.R.Iyer and all past presidents. The School of Grooming aimed at developing young students (9 to 12 standards) with values and right attitudes to develop a positive personality. The course would offer a 30 hrs programme spread over weekend. Activity Centre Contd.

  37. Jaykrishna Harivallabh-AMA Centre for Indo-Japanese Relations was set-up at Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) with the support from the family of Late Shri Jaykrishna Harivallabhdas. (11th February 2013). The Centre aims at strengthening academics, business and cultural relations between the Japan and India as also Gujarat. (see the inaugural-day booklet, please click here)

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