AMA-Metrochem Outstanding Manager of the Year Award 2018

(Sponsored by Metrochem Industries Ltd.) 

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Nomination is invited from individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the respective fields.

The nomination should be accompanied by:

a. A complete bio-data of the nominee.
b. A detailed resume of the achievements of the nominee's organization  and his/her personal initiative and contribution to the achievements.
c. Confirmation of the proposer that the nominee is aware of the nomination and that he/ she has agreed to accept the award, if selected.
d. Passport size photo of the nominee.
e. 3 years balance sheet of the organization.

Nomination along with the above details should reach AMA latest by Saturday, November 24, 2018


a) to recognize the significant contribution(s) made by a person in managerial profession,

b) to motivate upcoming professionals and enhance the prestige of the profession by enabling them to exercise their skills and competencies in the best possible manner; and

c) to directly or indirectly contribute towards the improvement of managerial effectiveness in different spheres.


Following are the broad criteria for selection to the Award:

a) The nominee should have been practising as a manager in Gujarat State during the previous two years. The definition of “manager” may comprise those associated with public, private and cooperative sector organisations, community and social service, as well as entrepreneurs.

b) AMA desires that managers with high potential are encouraged. Those who are already recognized by other agencies for similar work are not likely to be chosen for this award.

c) The contribution to be recognized for the AMA Award will be outstanding achievement(s) of management or a kind of work which will benefit a sizeable group of people, irrespective of their category. While the work concerned may relate to one or more functional area (s), the emphasis will be on integrated approach to managerial effectiveness.

Award Announcement and Presentation:

The Award will consist of a Trophy and Citation. Appropriate publicity will be given on the qualifying contributions and the individual receiving the Award, through mass media, including radio and television.

Mr. T S Rajan, Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer, Windsor Machines Ltd. (presented by Mrs. Rita Teaotia, IAS, Commerce Secretary, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India on February 16, 2018)