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Distance Learning Programme

AMA, in association with NEO-ED Knowledge Systems has launched The Soft Skills Foundation Course. This web-based e-Learning course has been designed to provide anytime, anywhere access to high-quality content developed by domain experts with decades of experience, and validated by reputed academics and industry professionals. The objective of the course is, to help individuals, through information and empowerment, to meet increasingly demanding industry expectations

AMA - LearnED Collaborative

English Communication Program


This is a unique 4-week training program using highly advanced teaching methods and technology. The course includes an entertaining mobile Game App and two live online clinics (targeted practice sessions) by highly qualified English communication experts from the USA. Carry your course in your pocket!

This course is based on principles of communicative intelligence, neuroscientific evidence of learning, and frameworks of systematic practice. Most importantly, our course is a mobile learning solution that allows participants to engage in systematic practice anywhere and anytime without the burden of coursework, tests, or being in a classroom. The scoring of performance on the game and online clinics is interpreted in detail with how you can build effective communication skills in English.

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Who should participate?
1. Working professionals who want career advancement
2. Graduating students aspiring for a new career path
3. You often feel nervous while speaking in English or participating in conversations.
4. You want to express your thoughts easily and make your communication effective.
5. You recognize the need to be more confident while using English.

Duration & English Proficiency Level
From the day you register, you have 4 weeks to play the game and participate in two online clinics delivered live as a Webinar. You can sign up for Clinics 1 and 2 based on your convenience. They are offered monthly. More information on this will be provided after registration. During your 4-week period, you will have complete freedom over when and how long you want to engage in an entertaining way to practice and enhance your communication strategy in English - anytime, anywhere!

Rs. 3500/- per participant. (The Cheque may please be drawn in the name of ‘Ahmedabad Management Association’).

Instructor’s Information
Ms. Tarana Patel, Founder and CEO of LearnEd, is a second language pedagogy expert trained in the USA. Ms. Tarana has over a decade of experience teaching at and leading international education departments at The University of California in Riverside (UCR) and Los Angeles (UCLA) and in Beijing, China.

Please send your registration along with participation fee to:
Ahmedabad Management Association
Torrent-AMA Management Centre, Core-AMA Management House,
AMA Complex, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Marg,
ATIRA Campus Ahmedabad 380015.
Phone : 079-26308601-2-3-4-5
Mobile: 9537407187, 7069940917, 7203030990
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