Library Membership

AMA Members:

• AMA Members are welcome to use the Library facility. For borrowing Books/CDs from the library, AMA members will have to pay a security deposit of Rs. 700/- on which a library card will be issued. On this card members can borrow 4 resources i.e. 3 books and one CD / 2 books and 2 CDs/ 1 book and 3 CDs for 30 days at a time.

Direct Library Membership:

• The applicant i.e. Management and Professional Students, Senior Citizen and Housewives can obtain the Library membership directly by filling in the prescribed form and presenting appropriate photo identification and current residential proof along with 2 photographs.Students must produce their current year's identity card. The applicant is given a library card on completing the application form and paying the membership fee of Rs. 700/- (including Service-Tax) (Non refundable) and Security deposite of Rs. 700/- (Refundable). The member can borrow total 2 resources i.e. 2 Books and/or CDs for 14 Days at a time. 

• If books /CD-ROM/DVD are not reserved, they may be renewed for an additional one month. Renewals may be made in person, by telephone, mail or e-mail by specifying the barcode number of the book/CD-ROM/DVD and the membership number. Requests for renewals must be received on or before the due date. Members must return books/CD- ROM/DVD to the library promptly when due. Failure to do so will result in a fine of Rs. 2/- per day, per issued item. Repeated late return of issued materials may be resulted in denial of borrowing privileges.


 For Library Membership form Please Click here