Personality Development: Soft Skill Foundation Course
(A Certificate Programme on Empowering through E- Learning )
An Innovative Initiative from AMA 

The Powerful e- Learning Package consists of Four Modules Which are to be Completed in 4 Weeks 

Week- 1 The Power of One 
Week- 2 Effective Communications
Week- 3 Productivity and Self Discipline 
Week-4 Preparing for Interviews & Interactions

The Course  Provides students with Valuable insights and tools that they can use towards continuous improvement of their career prospects and Performance.

The Course is available on-line, and consist of audio-visuals, worksheets, exercises and reference text that include quick tips and checklists

Neo- Ed's Learning Content is the end-result of several person- years of work by industry Professionals, Including IIT and IIM alumni with wide experience in reputed global organizations. It was developed with feedback from Industry & Management Professionals, academicians, Senior government officials and e-Learning experts 

Who Should Participate
Anyone who aspires to progress and Succeed, by improving their effectiveness in their professional and personal lives, can go through the course. 

Duration of Programme 
The Programme has to be Completed within one month of receipt of course material, with activation of access to the foundation course. Access for each topic is limited for eight hours over a period of one month. During eight hours of access time for each topic participant can go through the contents as many times as possible. The total access time that will be available to the participant will be 32 hours over a period of one month. When Participant has viewed all contents for entire set of four topics, it will be treated as successful completion. 

Rs.2000/- Per Participant 

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Participant Feedback

From Professionals

        …received very well by both new and qualified professionals across multiple disciplines… - Director, Management Association

        …our final-year pre-placement students saw great relevance in the content…
- Director, Technical & Management College

        ...has been a wonderful learning experience for me. As faculty, some of the critical insights will be dearly useful in my classroom interactions. ...shall stay in my mind for a long time to come.
- Business School Faculty

        …we’ve already noticed a difference in attitude, approach and work efficiency, and we’re now in the process of rolling out training to all  our employees.- CEO, IT Solutions Company

        ...content is very apt, useful and rich …easy to digest. …conveys the message not to the trainee’s brain only, but to the brain and heart both. I feel that I was fortunate that I could participate… I will say good things to others about this course as it was very useful to me.
- Senior Scientist, Indian Government Foundation

        ...I thought education (in terms of qualification) was sufficient. ...has helped me to change my way of thinking from negative to positive and build up my confidence level.
- Chief Manager (Taxation), Indian Conglomerate

From Students

        …helped me give better presentation on my subject and connect with my audience…

        …I learned the importance of body language, which I had never thought about…

        …the various symbols and images used inspired me to learn more…

        …I got more confidence in communicating with others…

        …my thinking has changed a lot… and given me a desire to be better…