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About the AMA Complex

AMA’s 30,000 sq. metres Management Complex was set up in 1997 at a cost of Rs. 3 crores. Further expansion in 2008 extended the building with additional space of 18000 sq.ft. This sculpture is a perfect blend of time, elegance, innovation and quality.

The complex has the following facilities:

  • State of the Art Auditorium with video conferencing facility with a capacity of 400 seats.
  • A Convention centre with a capacity of 300 seats.
  • Eight Seminar Halls with latest audio video systems which can accommodate 60 persons each. Some of the Seminar Halls are designed in such a way that two halls can be converted to one which could accommodate 120 persons.
  •  Five Seminar Halls with latest audio/video equipments which can accommodate 30-40 persons each.
  • Four conference rooms, each holding upto 35 seats. These too can double upto a capacity of 70, if required.
  • A well equipped computer lab with 20 terminals with latest software connected through net.
  • A Library of 1800 sq.metres area which has latest volume of books and periodicals. Updated Digital Data and Web surfing facilities are added attraction to the Library.
  • Over 70 persons can sit and use the library at a time in the reading section. Reference Books; Directories; emagazine are other facilities offered to users. A team of well qualified Librarians maintains the Library.

Knowledge Resource Centre set-up at the Library provides updated Industry Data; Economic Indicators; Foreign Trade Updates etc. A weekly update is provided to subscribers through e-mail.


Its architect, Bimal Patel, has this to say about it:

“The complex is located in the institutional enclave of western Ahmedabad, surrounded by fine examples of modern architecture: the Indian Institute of Management, the ATIRA building, the School of Architecture: and the Physical Research Laboratory, to mention a few. The design for the AMA building is wholeheartedly modern. It eschews what might broadl be termed as post-modern concerns, which, over the last fifteen years, have preoccupied many architects in India, Being disenchanted with the assault of kitsch all around, and the seemingly widespread belief that modernism and all that it stood for should be thrown out of the window, the opportunity to design the AMA complex was used to unashamedly explore the modernist way of doing things, The same approach was followed in designing the building’s interior. For the design team, this was a rejuvenating experience, convincing us that what is needed today, is a return to the largely unrealized project of modernization and modernism,”

The complex enables AMA to provide numerous key institutional facilities under one roof.


Contributors of AMA Complex

AMA Building was constructed with the support of several noble donors. The major donors are:

  • Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • Core Healthcare Ltd.
  • HT Parekh Convention Centre
  • Adani Exports Business Centre
  • Atlas Dyechem Conference Room
  • Shilp Gravures Media Outlet
  • Rampion Eyetech Seminar Hall
  • Rasiklal Vasa Conference Room
  • Pranlal Bhogilal Hall of Excellence
  • Apna Bazaar Conference Room
  • Remik Group Conference Room
  • Baldevbhai Dosabhai Kalupur Bank Seminar Hall
  • Harshadbhai Patel Seminar Hall
  • Manish Chemical Data Bank
  • GMDC Information Technology Centre
  • Industry Guidance Service Corner
  • Navnitlal Bhagubhai Library
  • Hitachi Home Applicances in Life Solutions Seminar Hall
  • Wagh Bakri
  • Labh Construction
  • Sheth Jamnabhai Bhagubhai
  • Gautam Nanavaty Seminar Hall
  • GVFL Seminar Hall
  • Natvarlal Motilal SoparkarvSeminar Hal
  • Tirupati Samved Hospital Seminar Hall
  • Safal Realty Pvt. Ltd. Seminar Hall

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